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2019 Legislative Update
March 2, 2019

The 2019 Legislative Session in Virginia has come to a close. There were no licensure bills submitted this year that have affected our rights regarding natural health. We continue to monitor activities of State Senators and Delegates and work to influence them on our behalf.

The same cannot be said about other states across our country. We have posted an update on our website from the National Vaccine Information Center which outlines 113 current vaccine related bills across the United States. And Congress held hearings just this week on the recent measles outbreak in the US. As an organization, Virginians for Health Freedom supports the right of every person to the type of healthcare they choose from the provider of their choice. This includes natural remedies and the choice of whether to vaccinate or not. 

In addition, we have posted two related articles on vaccines and vaccination on our website. The first is an Open Letter from a Harvard PHD that outlines why unvaccinated children “…pose no undue risk to the public”. The second is a transcript of testimony from Dr. Brian Hooker to Legislators in Washington State. One interesting quote from that testimony states,

“Over the past ten years in the U.S., there has been one reported death from the measles . . . During the same time period (based on VAERS reports), there have been 105 reported deaths associated with the MMR or MMRV vaccinations.

We will continue to post relevant articles and legislative information on our website which can be accessed at  

Finally, thanks for your continued support. The annual membership dues and donations support our efforts to protect health freedom in Virginia.