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Directions to the Va. General Assembly

General Assembly Building
910 Capitol Street (9th & Broad)
Richmond, Virginia 23219


The General Assembly Bldg is on Capitol Square, 

at 9th and Broad Streets 
(building address is 910 Capitol St.)

  Entrance is from Capitol Square.

 From the west:
 · Take 64 East
· Near Richmond, 64-East merges with 95-South
· Stay on 64-East/95-South to exit 75-the 3rd St./Coliseum exit
· The exit ramp puts you on 3rd Street
· Cross Broad St., cross Grace St., turn left on Franklin
· There is a parking lot at Franklin and 7th, on the right.

If you can park there (if the lot isn't full), walk down Franklin (same direction you had been driving) two blocks to 9th (dead end at a light). Turn left on 9th and walk up a couple blocks to the entrance to Capitol Square, on the right.

If the lot at 7th St. is full, there are other lots in that area, so take what you can find. [One possibility, though it often fills up early, is: From 7th and Franklin, continue on Franklin to 9th-(a dead end at a light) turn left on 9th, turn left on Grace, and there's an underground lot on the left, under St. Paul's church].

Or park at the public lot directly across in front of John Marshall Courthouse (9th & Marshall).

From the north, south, or east:
 I-95 North Exit 74 C onto Broad Street going west. Turn left at 10th Street, 

cross Broad St. and look for parking.

I -95 South Exit 74 C onto Broad Street going west. Turn left at 10th Street, 

cross Broad Street and look for parking.

I-64 West Exit 190 onto 5th Street. Turn left onto Marshall Street. Turn right onto 10th Street,

cross Broad Street and look for parking.

I-195 (RMA Downtown Expressway) Exit 7th Street-9th Street. Turn left onto 9th Street.

Turn right onto Broad Street. Turn right onto 10th Street and look for parking.

2017 Legislation
Legislative Update/Summary – 1/26/2017 
Below is a letter sent out by our friends at the NVIC. It is important that the legislators , Senate Health and Education Committee, hear from us on this bill (SB1024) as the only purpose for the bill is political - another insult to the law abiding Virginians who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children. (Bill explanation below)

Also, HB1533 is a bill to add yet another vaccine to the list in Virginia as MANDATORY (Alert sent out last week). Even the CDC recommends this to be an optional choice, not mandatory. If you have not yet contacted the House Health Welfare and Institutions Committee on HB1533, please do so. Call, write or email these legislators to make sure they hear from you by Monday, 1/16/17 to insure your voice is heard. You make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.  

Dear Virginia NVIC Advocacy Team Members,

SB 1028 which requires the posting of vaccine exemption rates by schools has been referred to the Senate Committee on Education and Health and is sponsored by Senator Siobhan S. Dunnavant. While session only started today, this bill has been scheduled for a hearing on Thursday 1/12/2017 See the committee docket.

Please contact your state Senators and especially members of the Senate Committee on Education and Health TODAY! Ask them to oppose SB 1028 
This bill would require reports that are currently filed with local health departments concerning vaccination rates of students admitted to schools be posted by the school or made available to parents. 

See new law to be added in italics: Within 30 calendar days after the beginning of each school year or entrance of a student, each admitting official shall file a report with the local health department. The report shall be filed on forms prepared by the State Department of Health and shall state the number of students admitted to school with documentary proof of immunization, the number of students who have been admitted with a medical or religious exemption and the number of students who have been conditionally admitted, including those students who are homeless children or youths as defined in subdivision A 6 of § 22.1-3.A copy of such report shall be posted on the individual school's website, if any, and for public schools,on the local school division's website. If an individual school does not have a website, then a hard copy of such report shall be made available to parents.

We oppose this bill because this is not about health. It is a documented political strategy to instigate a HOSTILE community environment against those using exemptions!

The problem with this bill is it gives parents of immune compromised kids the false sense of security that a school with high vaccination rates and low exemption rates is a safe environment for their kids. This is not only FALSE, it is dangerous!

Please contact your state Senators and especially members of the Senate Committee on Education and Health TODAY! Ask them to oppose SB 1028 
NVIC Advocacy Team

Every Virginian’s rights are at risk.  We ask for your help when we really need it and this is one of those times. Thanks for your continued support for true Health Freedom in Virginia.

​ Please join us TODAY!!



This bill was stricken and is gone for the year.


This bill was stricken and is gone for the year. 


We learned last night and it was confirmed this morning that the Patron for SB1519 has pulled her own bill. It has been stricken and is gone for the year. 

Our mission can be summarized as supporting education and freedom of choice in healthcare. So the bills affecting our mission this year are all gone for the year. 

We cannot overemphasize your contribution to our success. When we talk to the Legislators and particularly their staffs (the people who actually answer the phones and get the emails), it truly helps our cause when they say their phone lines are burning up with calls or all their emails are on our behalf. 

We should also note the work by our friends at the National Vaccine Information Center for their contributions and support on the vaccine issues - this year with these bills and last year on the effort by legislators to take away our vaccine exemption. We have worked closely together on these mutual issues. 

It also important to remind members that all Officers and Directors work voluntarily, without pay. We are the only organization with a paid lobbyist who is dedicated to working solely on the issues that affect our members and works with legislators both at the General Assembly and in their District offices not just during session but all year long. Your membership dues, donations and contributions are critical to keeping educational opportunities available, a website full of information and this important lobbying service for our members. 

Thanks again for your calls, emails and especially for your financial contributions.
Virginians for Health Freedom
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