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A Virginians for Health Freedom (Va4HF) is a non-profit, membership based organization that is established to oversee legislation that may adversely impact unlicensed natural health practitioners in Virginia. Va4HF serves members through legislative monitoring, advocacy and education to improve Virginia's health care laws and promote the rights of individuals affected by those laws.


 Va4HF will seek to increase public awareness and understanding of Natural Health Services available in Virginia through educational seminars, workshops, events, expos and other resources. These programs and resources will be available to practitioners as well as the Whole Virginia Community.
2012 Legislative Award
Teacher, Mentor, Friend
2016 Legislative Award
Legislative Update 1/30/2020
HB1040 and SB858

In this morning’s meeting, the House Health Welfare and Institutions Committee (HWI)
voted to have the Department of Health Professions study the issue of Licensing Naturopathic Physicians. The bill (HB1040) will not proceed further this session. The same action was taken by the Senate Health and Education Committee on SB858. The last time the Department of Health Professions studied licensure of naturopaths was in 2005 and they determined at that time licensure was not necessary because Naturopathy did not pose a ‘Risk of Harm’. This new study will be conducted sometime this calendar year and the bills will surely be brought forward again next year.

We plan to be involved in the process.

Thanks to all who called, emailed or visited the Delegates with your request
that they protect our rights to seek health information from wherever we choose.
Our goal was and is to protect the natural healthcare provider and consumer in Virginia.

Please remember to continue to be a member of Virginians for Health Freedom and
ask your friends to join also. Your $25.00 annual fee helps pay for a lobbyist to fight
these bills and protect our right to choose.
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The regular scheduled meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month.
The April and May Meeting has been Postpond due to the Governors Request.